Invert RStudio Colors For Less Eye Strain

RStudio is by far the most fully featured and mature IDE for R available. It is not, however, without its flaws. The only reason I ever use SublimeText is because of the dark programming environment it provides. Yes, you can switch the syntax highlighting in RStudio to Monokai, but if you need to look anywhere […]

Frequency Table of All Functions in .Rhistory

A question appeared on the google+ community Statistics and R about how to view all the functions in your .Rhistory file and make a frequency table of those functions. I decided to take a stab at it. See the code below.

Viola! In just a couple lines of code, you have a table of […]

MadR: Webscraping with R

Here is the link to my July 15th presentation on web-scraping with R at “MadR“, the Madison R user group. It goes through the basics of web scraping and provides recommendations on packages to use (namely, Hadleyverse instead of the Duncan Temple-Lang suit of packages for starters). It was the fist public speaking I’ve done […]

SAS ODS to R markdown/Sweave/knitr

Using standard SAS ODS output to create beautiful reports in R I left my R programmer position in California in lieu of a position at University of Wisconsin, Madison. I must be crazy, because not only is Madison cold as hell in the winter, but I have to use SAS instead of R in my […]

Passwords in R

The problem: I constantly query databases with R (using RMySQL) which requires my passwords to be explicitly written in my code. Due to the sensitive nature of the data, this isn’t going to work. When working locally, this isn’t so much if a problem as long as I log out when I’m away from my […]

system.done = system.time + pbPost

I love Pushbullet and I love R, so when Dirk Eddelbuettel’s brilliant package RPushbullet showed up on CRAN, I was rather intrigued. Then Karl Broman followed up with RPushbullet for error notifications from R:

and I was obsessed. My housemate can attest to this; I talked about how R was alerting me to errors […]